Hello Empath community, this is Kat again Today we are going to be delving into how to work from home. Full disclosure here. I am currently struggling with this new paradigm myself and I am going to try to apply the aspects of working from home that worked for me before when I would work from home once a week, one day a week. And I am going through it myself. I am going to put it out of the universe that these are the tips that I am going to follow. Please leave comments and hopefully you follow me that we all do this together that we – we’re able to share experiences and hopefully even share tips with each other. That being said, here are my top three tips for empaths to work from home. And warn you, they’re all about setting boundaries.


Learn how to manage your time

So, tip #1. set boundaries when you work from home on your time. Just like when you go to work, you actually schedule a day for – schedule time in your day for commuting, you schedule time in your day to eat, you schedule your time in your day to have meetings and to work and to decompress and then to go home. Same thing, even though you’re working from home, please set up a schedule for yourself to eat, to decompress and have a little bit of me time and also to close out your day. This is so important. Because remember it is a little bit hard for us to segregate the time when our workplace and our home place or the same. That was tip number one, to set boundaries on your time.

Setting up your boundaries

Tip #2 for empaths who are working from home is to set boundaries on your space. So, if you were lucky enough to have a home office or a space in your house that is separate from your living space, please use it accordingly. You should be able to actually have a spot just for work because you can mentally block the area just for working versus where you do the rest of your life. If you do not have the luxury of having a separate room, please make sure that you have a desk that you can close or a desk that you can tidy up, or even if you need to close your laptop to signify that you are done. I think it’s just really a matter of blocking out this space for your work versus the space for your living, for your home. That’s tip number two. It’s the setting your boundaries for your space.


Release negative energy


Tip #3 for empaths working from home for setting boundaries is setting boundaries for your indoors versus outdoors. I referenced this in my last video. It is so important for us empaths to spend some time outside and to walk on the ground. Yup, walking from concrete is good but if you can walk on the ground, it is a time for us to let go of negative energy, to take back energy that is ours and to replenish ourselves. So walking on the ground is such a wonderful feeling. Please try to do it every day if you can. Also, breathe fresh air. For every human being but definitely for empaths there is an importance of being able to reclaim yourself to breathe in and breathe out to ground yourself.

Those are my three tips. Again, this is about setting boundaries for your time, your space and your absolute area of indoor versus outdoor. I hope you have a wonderful day and peace out.




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